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MWD Interconnect

The Interconnect is a critical part of the MWD Tool. It connects each component of the MWD Tool String together to ensure they work as one cohesive unit. Focus Tools’ new ratcheting connector and mounting system increases vibration and shock tolerance of the MWD system and gives you a significantly higher MTBF.

  • Easy Assembly / Disassembly, resulting in faster turn around time, reducing shop costs
  • Reduces potential damage due to accidental misalignment.
  • Uses fewer consumables, (2) o-rings on the Focus Interconnect vs (12) o-rings on the old style
  • Improved isolation from Vibration, Shock and Bend Stress
  • All components are rated to 200°C, the highest rating on the market
  • Less connections between components, (1) on the Focus Interconnect vs (2) on the old design
  • Shorter and Lighter, resulting in less damage by having less mass and momentum build up by drilling dynamics
  • ¼ of the turns to make the connection resulting in less twist on the internal pigtails while assembling the tools (1.75 turns vs 8 ½ turns on legacy threads)

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