Focus Pulser

Reduce Downtime and Operating Costs

The Pulser will generate a sequence of pressure increases (pulses) in the mud system. These pulses are detected on surface by a transducer, relayed to the surface equipment and decoded. This needs to be done in a volatile and unpredictable environment. We rely on numerous people to provide a clean and efficient mud system with a well maintained circulating system. With older generations of pulsers, there were limitations to the environments these pulsers could work in. With current advancements, we have been able to create 100 lbs + force with the pilot valve (20 – 25 lbs force with older generations) while reducing battery consumption. This equates to a higher level of reliability, coupled with improved mounting capabilities we can run in much harsher environments, reduced downtime with lower operating costs.

  • Piston Compensation
  • Temperature rating 200 °C
  • Compact – Ruggedized with 50% fewer parts
  • Auto Adjusting Pilot Valve
  • Performance memory and diagnostics
  • No ball screw (Replaced with a more reliable roller screw)
  • Rebuild able Motor rated to 260C
  • Resolver feedback, for more accurate pilot valve positioning
  • LCM Tolerant
  • Increased Efficiency – Maximized battery life
  • Reduced operating costs
  • 4X longer life expectancy with more robust components
  • Increase MTBF
  • Drop in replacement
High Efficiency for Longer Life

There are significant operational differences between a planetary roller screw and a ball screw. In a ball screw, the steel balls contact one another and rotate, with mating surfaces moving in opposite directions. Even when well-lubricated, the resulting friction creates significant heat and wear as rotational speeds increase. In a roller screw, the planetary rollers are constrained by journals at each end of the roller. Since one roller never touches another, friction is eliminated.

  • Roller Screw TechnologyHigher Speed
  • Longer Life
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Greater Load Distribution which equates to less wear
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