Focus iGT System

Gamma Calibration System

  • Reduce technician errors with our smart, easy to use, instructional Intelligent Gamma Technology System (“iGT System”). The iGT System walks users through the process of gamma calibration in a straightforward, error-free manner. The iGT System also intelligently assists the user in arriving at the most precise gamma calibration possible.
  • The iGT System is comprised of a rugged, shop worthy Gamma Interface Box (GIB) and the iGT Workbench PC Software. The software runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and connects to the GIB through a USB, and powered by a standard 120V power cable. We can customize the GIB to interface to your Gamma probe, regardless of the connector.
  • Manage your Gamma Calibration Data with PDF reports. Every time a Gamma probe is calibrated with the iGT Workbench Software, a report is created that details the operator, gamma probe serial number, all data gathered, the calculated API value, and the ablilty to import your company logo, which will be displayed on a saved PDF report.
  • You can use the iGT System with your existing Gamma Calibrator. The iGT System is compatible with “Gamma Ray Calibrator” by Minette Consulting. Interested in making the software compatible with your Gamma Calibrator hardware? Contact us today.
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