Automated Power Supply Tester

Complete Functional Test Coverage

The Focus Tools Automated Power Supply Tester is designed to test a wide range of Power Supply boards used in the Tensor Style MWD tools. It can test both a Dual Output Supply and a Triple Output Supply. All test cases are set automatically using the supplied windows software. A user is only required to plug in the device under test and initiate the software. A full functional test can be completed automatically in under 20 minutes. The software also supports continuous testing up to 2.5 hours. This is useful for heat testing and further fault finding operations.

  • Complete functional test coverage
  • Requires no other equipment, other than a computer to run the software
  • Completely automated with intuitive user interface.
  • All test data is logged and stored for future reference.
  • Dependable and Repeatable results
  • All power supply outputs are monitored while tool simulation is applied
    • Measurements with No Load.
    • with a Small Load – Nominal Operating Conditions
    • with a Heavy Load – Extreme Operating Conditions
    • with a Heavy Battery Load – Fault Condition
  • Power Switching and Battery Switching is Tested
  • Multiple test cycles performed to verify accuracy.
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