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Welcome to Focus Tools

Focus Tools provides equipment and services to drill directional, horizontal and monitored, vertical wells. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing our equipment, we have a solution that will meet your needs. Focus Tools has built their MWD systems to meet the harshest drilling conditions. We have ensured that our tools thrive in a harsh environment without losing accuracy or integrity. Upgrading your fleet or just launching your company? We are here to help, every step of the way.

We offer field-ready solutions that are ready to be deployed at any time, and designed to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. Whatever your requirements are, Focus Tools is committed to helping their clients achieve long term success. Your drilling operations require partners that can assist in your most important needs – now and in the future.

Focus Tools can assist with:

  • Equipment sales, rental or leasing
  • Training of operators and maintenance personnel
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Specialized equipment procurement
  • Parts and assemblies


Focus Tools’ initial business model was to market our MWD services to directional companies in the oil and gas industry. During the history of the company, we have been very successful working with manufacturers of MWD tool components and developing a very reliable platform.

  • All of our equipment is rated to 175°C
  • Current MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 1900+ hours
  • Patented technology to handle higher volumes of LCM than most standard MWD systems
  • Experienced field technicians
  • Industry leading technical support 24/7/365

After several research and development projects with our vendors, we felt the market needed a harsh environment tool that would reach and exceed operation capabilities at 200°C. In 2012, we took on the role of a manufacturer and began the design and development of our HE200 MWD tool, which when it’s complete at the end of 2013 will offer the highest temperature rating of any tool available commercially.

Whether you are dealing with high temperature, high vibration or poor mud conditions, we are here to assist. Focus Tools has taken the necessary steps to ensure our clients are provided with the most rugged and reliable components on the market today. Providing reliable equipment to the Directional Drilling Industry for many years is the foundation that our company is built upon.

Focus News

June 18, 2013

Focus iGT System

Reduce technician errors with our smart, easy to use, instructional Intelligent Gamma Technology System ("iGT System"). The iGT System walks users through the process of gamma calibration in a straightforward, error-free manner. The iGT System also intelligently assists the user in arriving at the most precise gamma calibration possible. The More

March 14, 2013

Press Release 2013

Focus Tools is pleased to announce the debut of the first New Product for 2013. The New Focus Interconnect is in production and will be available for shipping early next week. The Focus Interconnect will greatly increase the reliability of your tools by replacing a known weak point in current MWD More

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March 14, 2013

Oklahoma City Fears an End to Chesapeake's Largess

Buzz of Chesapeake cutting back on spending worries some of its 5,000 employees, as well as local govt officials, nonprofit leaders and even some sports fans, all of whom have benefited from the largess of Chesapeake and Aubrey McClendon. More

March 14, 2013

Big Oilfield-Services Companies Are Poised for a Reawakening

Oilfield services companies had reasons to celebrate throughout the North American drilling boom, then spent much of last year hung over amid stalling US profit margins. More

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